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Want to help your kids be a Conservation Biologist for the day tomorrow?

Ironbark Creek Catchment Safari. Wandering through the Hunter Wetlands Centre

We’re heading out for a quick walk through the Hunter Wetlands National Park tomorrow to search for White Ibis as part of the Australian white ibis community survey.

Those of you in NSW, Queensland and Victoria can join in too if you like? More details here.

I reckon, that if you want to maximise your chances of spotting one, a trip to your local tip is your best bet. There's a reason these birds are commonly known as the bin chicken or tip turkey. 

Other opportunities to get involved in nature conservation

I’m noticing more and more opportunities for the community to get involved in nature conservation these days. And I suspect we’ll see even more over time given that one of the key objectives of the National Strategy for the Conservation of Australia's Biological Diversity is involving the community.

Another opportunity I want to look into is mangrove watch.

Do you know of any other upcoming family-friendly nature conservation activities/events? 

Here’s a few for the Hunter region during November:

Have a lovely weekend.