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Want to help your kids be a Conservation Biologist for the day tomorrow?

We’re heading out for a quick walk through the Hunter Wetlands National Park tomorrow to search for White Ibis as part of the Australian white ibis community survey. Those of you in NSW, Queensland and Victoria can join in too if you like? More details here. I reckon, that if you want to maximise your chances of spotting one, a trip to your local tip is your best bet. There's a reason these birds are commonly known as the bin chicken or tip turkey. Other opportunities to get involved in nature conservation I’m noticing more and more opportunities for the... Read more →

I know I don't need all that stuff to be happy

I know 'stuff' won't make me happy. But sometimes I get caught up in wanting stuff. A new camera lens, an ipad, a double kayak, a cargo bike, a sound recorder, and a food dehydrator. I've wanted to buy each and every one of these at some stage over the past month or so. Its ridiculous! I know I can be just as happy, or more so, without them. I read this article on the weekend: Living so your heart's content by Bronwyn McNully. It gave me hope that one day we'll live in a society where people care about... Read more →

My favourite quick and simple pantry meal {Dahl recipe}

Dahl is the meal I cook towards the end of the week once we’ve devoured the contents of our weekly vege box*. It’s so simple that I always have the ingredients in my pantry no matter how bare it looks. All you need is lentils, onions, garlic, ginger root, a little oil and a few spices. Combine these with natural yoghurt and some rice and you have a frugal, easy, healthy meal. I usually cook a double batch and put a few lunch serves in the freezer ready to take to work. It's also one of Little Eco's favorite meals.... Read more →

Anyone actively involved in community groups, charities, or kids sporting clubs, will be all too aware that very few people volunteer their time these days. In my experience, it's typically the 'older generation' that are volunteering. Very few children seem to be enjoying the benefits of volunteering. That saddens me. Do their parents realise what their children are missing out on? I’m over at Childhood 101 today talking about sharing the value of volunteering with your child. Don't forget to enter the kids bike wicker basket giveaway. Read more →