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Are we making a mistake living in the city?

I'm committed to urban sustainable living. We won't all fit 'in the country' and i'm a fan of reserving bushland for nature, and farmland for farms.

I love urban living, and Newcastle in particular, but sometimes I do wonder if we're doing the right thing living where we do.

Pasher_Bulka {A littler Little Eco and I and the Pasha Bulker}

We live in a city with (apparently) the poorest air quality in Australia, our backyard is contaminated with lead, and the recent Orica chemical leak happened only km's from our home. Then this morning I read that Ibis eggs in city-based nests carry seven to nine times as many artificial chemicals as those of country-dwelling birds. It appears Ibis, living all over eastern Australia, could play a ''canary in the coalmine'' role in detecting contamination.

I don't want to give up on urban sustainable living, but crikey, the way we pollute our cities isn't making urban living any easier.

How about you? Is urban sustainable living your thing? or do you yearn for fresh clean country air? or are you already living an unpolluted country life?