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Are we making a mistake living in the city?

Trading my time and skills for a meal

I've done this twice now, traded my time as a photographer for a home cooked weekday meal.


A while back I took some photos of a friends gorgeous baby (hardly a chore) and in exchange she delivered a hot, delicious home cooked casserole to my house on a weekday night. It was such a lovely treat to not have to cook a meal after work.

Sun cooking australia solar ovens

So when Heather from Sun Cooking Australia wanted to hire me to take some photographs of a solar Christmas feast, rather than have her pay me, I asked if she'd be happy to trade for a meal. She was. So tomorrow night Heather will be delivering a home cooked meal.

Sun cooking australia solar christmas cake

She also included a solar cooked fruit cake in the trade.

Sun cooking australia solar christmas feast

And Little Eco and I got to join-in the solar cooking christmas feast. A very good trade indeed.

How about you? Would you trade your time and skills for a home cooked meal? Do you trade skills and time amongst friends?