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{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by Soule Mama. I hope you have a lovely weekend. If you manage to find a few quiet moments, and feel like some sustainable living inspiration, pop on over to my Inspiring Reads page. This month i've included posts from two 'new to me' blogs: econest and Learnings from an earth mama. I'm loving econest so much that I couldn't help but include Maria's four latest... Read more →

I'm committed to urban sustainable living. We won't all fit 'in the country' and i'm a fan of reserving bushland for nature, and farmland for farms. I love urban living, and Newcastle in particular, but sometimes I do wonder if we're doing the right thing living where we do. {A littler Little Eco and I and the Pasha Bulker} We live in a city with (apparently) the poorest air quality in Australia, our backyard is contaminated with lead, and the recent Orica chemical leak happened only km's from our home. Then this morning I read that Ibis eggs in city-based... Read more →

I've done this twice now, traded my time as a photographer for a home cooked weekday meal. A while back I took some photos of a friends gorgeous baby (hardly a chore) and in exchange she delivered a hot, delicious home cooked casserole to my house on a weekday night. It was such a lovely treat to not have to cook a meal after work. So when Heather from Sun Cooking Australia wanted to hire me to take some photographs of a solar Christmas feast, rather than have her pay me, I asked if she'd be happy to trade for... Read more →

Hi, my name is Tricia and I like to play... I realised this only the other day when I was working my way through my mental list of weekend play activities to set up for Little Eco. Inspired by Issue 5 of Action Pack, I asked Little Eco if she would like to make some cornflour chalk paint. She said no. It was then that I realised I wasn't really setting up these play activities for her, but for me. I like to play. So ignoring Little Eco's lack of interest I proceeded to make the paint for me. She... Read more →