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We need to be careful about how we discuss the environment with our children

On my mind...

NNUTS oranges

I'm playing along with Rhonda's Friday photo feature.

On my mind...is sharing food, yet again. I bought these delicious juicy oranges last weekend from the NNUTS stall at the Newcastle Farmers Markets.

They were grown in someones backyard and they were able to sell them at the NNUTS stall, earning money for their surplus fruit. NNUTS is a Transition Newcastle initiative and stands for Nourishing Newcastle Urban Tucker Stall, and it's a place for people to sell their backyard produce.

I love the idea of NNUTS. I love that by buying from the stall I am supporting local small-scale urban farming, helping to reduce food waste, and helping someone to earn a little money from their urban backyard.

I wonder what i'll find at the NNUTS this weekend?