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Sustainable seafood short film

This new short film on the Australian Conservation Foundation's Sustainable Seafood Project is informative, entertaining, inspiring and well-worth watching. 

I love the transparency and sound science behind the project.

I also love that the results are simple to interpret. It's as simple as clicking on a map to find local sustainable seafood. At this stage the seafood assessed is mainly in Victoria, given that's where the project has been funded.

So far, all that is identified for New South Wales is Squid from the Hawkesbury River. The guide tells me that squid from this location are sustainable because:

'They grow quickly – some up to a mantle length of about 20 centimetres – but only live for about six to seven months.

The squid fishery in the Hawkesbury River is a small, well-managed estuary trawl fishery that has little impact on the overall stock, the local ecosystem or on bycatch species'.

I think i'll head down to the Fisherman's Co-op on the weekend and ask if they have any Hawkesbury River Squid.

I'm thinking salt and pepper squid, pickled squid, or perhaps stuffed squid. Know any good squid recipes?

ACF and UTS are currently seeking funding to expand their Sustainable Seafood program in NSW and Queensland. I'd love to see ACF's Sustainable Seafood Project expand into NSW so just made a donation. You can too if you like? Donations taken over here.