We managed to find that 'escape' we needed
Do you pack food and drinks when heading out and about?

Saved by their charm ~ rooster dilemma solved


Remember our rooster dilemma?

We had decided to pay to have Duffa Dilly Bong and Flappy euthanased humanely by the RSPCA. We weren't thrilled about doing the deed ourselves, nor was I prepared to return them to the seller to be transported in unknown conditions to an abattoir.

Daddy Eco called our Rooster minders to let them know he'd be picking up the roosters the following day. To my delight he was told that Kate had fallen in love with them and wanted to keep one, but couldn't decide which one. So she's keeping both for now. Yay!! Saved by their charm.


Their sister Emu is becoming friends with our other chooks and seems to be missing her brothers less and less.

I've often thought i'd like to raise my own meat chickens or ducks. I like the idea, but at least I now know that it's something I probably wouldn't enjoy. I'm thinking an aquaponics set up is the closest i'll get to raising my own meat.

Speaking of aquaponics, I recently discovered an unreal aquaponics system made from recycled parts. How cool! For starters I think i'll tackle a frugal DIY bathtub system, just in case I find that I don't enjoy raising fish either.