Two roosters and an urban backyard don’t mix
We managed to find that 'escape' we needed


My Cool Campervan book 1A

Things are crazy busy around here at the moment. We've well-and-truly learnt that our life descends into chaos when both parents are working full-time.

My Cool Campervan book 2

I often find myself daydreaming of escaping in a campervan.

My Cool Campervan book 3

Hitting the road. Exploring. Having time to simply sit.

My Cool Campervan book 5

Where does your mind wander when things get a little crazy?

This space is going to be quiet for another week or two. I'm preparing a few presentations on sustainable living for the Expo for Childhood (perhaps i'll see you there?) and am also starting an exciting project with ABC Open (I'll share more shortly).

All images are from my favourite bedtime read My Cool Campervan.