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We went to a good old fashioned drive-in last weekend. Here's what I packed for the night. Water bottles, thermos of hot chocolate, fruit and some nuts. I think i'm turning into my Gran. I remember her always packing a thermos of tea, a couple of sandwiches and some slices of cake for road trips. How about you? Do you pack food and drinks when heading out and about? Read more →

Remember our rooster dilemma? We had decided to pay to have Duffa Dilly Bong and Flappy euthanased humanely by the RSPCA. We weren't thrilled about doing the deed ourselves, nor was I prepared to return them to the seller to be transported in unknown conditions to an abattoir. Daddy Eco called our Rooster minders to let them know he'd be picking up the roosters the following day. To my delight he was told that Kate had fallen in love with them and wanted to keep one, but couldn't decide which one. So she's keeping both for now. Yay!! Saved by... Read more →

Late Sunday night, a few hours from home, we pulled up to this delightful scene. Our home for the night. Inside, an open fire, a table for two bathed in candle light, and dinner warming in the oven. I headed off again early the next Morning, leaving Daddy Eco and Little Eco snug in bed. I left so early that in my half-asleep haze I left my packed breakfast and lunch sitting on the bench. No worries. I spotted an orange tree growing over a fence and foraged a few for breakfast. Over the next few hours I was reminded... Read more →

Things are crazy busy around here at the moment. We've well-and-truly learnt that our life descends into chaos when both parents are working full-time. I often find myself daydreaming of escaping in a campervan. Hitting the road. Exploring. Having time to simply sit. Where does your mind wander when things get a little crazy? This space is going to be quiet for another week or two. I'm preparing a few presentations on sustainable living for the Expo for Childhood (perhaps i'll see you there?) and am also starting an exciting project with ABC Open (I'll share more shortly). All images... Read more →