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I've been avoiding op shops lately.

I recently mentioned that I like the idea of becoming a minimalist, but can't because I enjoy op shopping too much.  I find it almost impossible to walk away from all those 'once in a lifetime' finds. That's one of the problems with thrift shopping, all too often I see things I love but don't need. What if I never see the same for sale ever again? I may need it one day. How can I resist? It's only a few dollars. I'm hopeless. So rather than be tempted I simply stay away from op shops.

This week I couldn't avoid op shopping. I had to build up my stash of old t-shirts so that I could make a fourth set of dress-up wings in as many weeks. It's birthday season among Little Eco's friends and i've decided to gift them all refashioned wings. They've been a huge hit so far.

Anyway, back to the op shopping and me being hopeless. Here's what I walked away with this week.

Thrift shop find 1 vintage toy pram

Little Eco and I fell in love with this pram as soon as we spotted it. It looked familiar. My mum has since told me that she had one just like it when she was young, so perhaps i'd seen hers in old photographs. Little Eco already has three prams, so this one wasn't exactly needed. Although, as she informed me, she didn't have any where her dolls could lie down. True. Sold!

Thrift shop find 2 vintage crochet bedspread

Then there was this crochet double bed spread. Totally perfect for the antique double bed Little Eco will use one day (currently our spare bed). Again not needed, because I'm sure it will be years before we move her into that bed. But truly, I couldn't very well not buy something so delightful, could I? 

Thrift shop find 3 brown pyrex

Then there's these pyrex dishes. I like collecting old ceramic casserole dishes and recycling them as pots for house plants. I wanted to use these for growing micro-greens. But I'm certain it's impossible to drill through pyrex (i'd love someone to tell me i'm wrong) and guessed that, so really shouldn't have bought these at all.

Are you able to resist 'once in a lifetime' thrift shop finds that you don't really need?

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