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Our crazy kids' crafternoon

I was delighted when Kathreen from Whip up asked me to be part of her crafternoon blog party. It meant that I got to have a sneak peak at two new and delightful craft books for kids: Kids' Crafternoon Sewing and Kids' Crafternoon Papercraft.

Each book is filled with practical and creative projects, contributed by specialist crafters from across the globe, that can be easily completed in an afternoon. Little Eco and I excitedly decided to host our very own 'crafternoon'. I had visions of a neat table scattered with a few crafty things (perhaps even decorated with a vase of flowers and some cup cakes), surrounded by a couple of girls quietly concentrating on their crafty creations (clearly I was delusional).

Little Eco is only four years old and the books are targeted at ages seven and up, so we invited her two oldest friends (aged five and six) to our crafternoon. With fifty cool projects to choose from, we struggled to pick just one. Little Eco literally pointed at each and every one of the full-page photographs and said "I want to make that", "and that", "and that"...

Kids crafternoon 1

We settled on Kids' Crafternoon Sewing cover star Limby the Button-eye Dude, contributed by Lizette Greco and grecolaborativo.

Kids crafternoon 2

Kids crafternoon 3

The crafternoon started very civilised, with each of our crafters quietly planning their Limby on paper.

Kids crafternoon 4

The helpful lists of materials needed and equipment required meant it was easy for me to have everything we needed gathered and ready before we started. Fabrics were chosen from the scrap box and patterns were carefully cut out.

Kids crafternoon 7

Heads were completed using buttons reclaimed from an old shirt.

But then my visioned calm crafternoon slowly deteriorated.....

Kids crafternoon 5

(can you spot the third child?)

Kids crafternoon 6 ...into one very crazy crafternoon. 

Kids crafternoon 8

Thankfully, each project comes with clear step-by-step instructions and illustrations, which meant that despite the chaos, progress was made and within an hour or so we had all our Limby pieces ready to be stuffed.

I then naively sent three excited and enthusiastic girls off to get the chop sticks they needed to stuff their Limby. Next thing I hear a scream. I race out to find Little Eco sobbing with one hand covering her eye and the other holding a chop stick. My heart stopped. Thankfully the chop stick left her with nothing more than her first trip to the optometrist, a blood shot eye, and a story for show-and-tell.

Kids crafternoon 9

Determined not to let an injured eye stop her from completing the Limbys, that night Little Eco helped me hand sew the Limbys together.

Kids crafternoon 10

We were left with three very cute and individual Limby Dudes.

Kids crafternoon 11

Despite being younger than the target audience, our three crafters enjoyed creating their Limbys and only needed a little guidance and assistance. The six year old was a little more able and focused than the younger two and I can imagine how thrilled slightly older children would be to create the projects by themselves.

Both books would be particularly good for those of you who would like to craft with your kids but don't feel you are the 'crafty' type, as each project comes with clear and detailed instructions.

Despite the chaos, we're keen to host another crafternoon. Both books are filled with many more projects we'd like to try. I love that many of the projects are practical and would be enjoyed long after the crafting is finished. There's toys to play with (paper aeroplanes, spinning pinwheels, puppets, and kites) and treasures to wear (paper beads, mushroom brooch, jellyfish pendant, softy badges, a belt, and a bag).

Kids crafternoon papercraft

We've since recycled some scrap paper into a few of the Stitch-bound books from Kids' Crafternoon Papercraft.

Want to find out more about these books? Both books are available from Booktopia and you can join in the blog book tour by visiting the following blogs. The party has already happened over at  Poppytalk and Picklebums and is headed to the following:

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