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Remember those three cute little chickens I bought on a whim a few months ago? Two of them ended up being roosters. I suspected as such soon after I got them home. Two of the three had larger combs and liked to perform cute little miniature cock fight dances with each other. I knew buying five week-old chickens at the markets was not a smart thing to do. The seller claimed that they were too young to be sexed, but I think he was just trying to make a buck out of his roosters before he had to deal with... Read more →

I was delighted when Kathreen from Whip up asked me to be part of her crafternoon blog party. It meant that I got to have a sneak peak at two new and delightful craft books for kids: Kids' Crafternoon Sewing and Kids' Crafternoon Papercraft. Each book is filled with practical and creative projects, contributed by specialist crafters from across the globe, that can be easily completed in an afternoon. Little Eco and I excitedly decided to host our very own 'crafternoon'. I had visions of a neat table scattered with a few crafty things (perhaps even decorated with a vase... Read more →

Tricia shares an easy way to know what produce is in season - simply avoid shopping at places that sell non-seasonal food (i.e. skip the supermarket!). Instead shop through a CSA, farmers markets, food coops, or direct from the farm. Read more →

I've mentioned before that I wash my face with honey. I love that i'm washing my face with something that's simple, natural, package-free, renewable, frugal and I can totally see the benefits to my skin. In contrast to many of the toxic chemical ingredients typically found in commercial skin care products, honey is a natural renewable resource. I’m sticking to honey! Crunchy Betty, is challenging people to wash their face with nothing but honey (and water) for two whole weeks. I really wanted to join in, but given that I already wash my face with honey I felt like I... Read more →