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Quick outdoor Winter play ideas for when it’s raining and dark

What would you do if you had wings?


I know what Little Eco would do.


Fly, of course.


Perch on a fence.


Sit in a tree.


Perch some more. 


And join a flock.

I added this tutorial for dress-up wings to my 'love to make' list as soon as I saw the gorgeous wings Christie made. I had plans to make them 'one day'. But then I spotted the magical wings the Artful Jen made her children and decided I had to make a pair this weekend.

I made our wings out of a few old t-shirts. I've thankfully built up a bit of an op-shop-sourced stash after falling in love with the reinvention skirt. I used knit fabric so that the cut fabric won't fray and the wings are washable. I'm so thankful that they are washable because it seems Little Eco has decided the wings are 'every day' wear.

To be honest, I got a little tired of cutting and sewing on the feathers, but am so glad I persisted. Little Eco absolutely adores her wings, and I could easily watch her 'play bird' for hours and hours.

Anyone else have any good dress-up refashion ideas?