Here's one of the reasons why I don't like plastic toys
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My first pillow case dress

Pillow slip dress yellow 1

I finally got around to making Little Eco a pillow slip dress.

Pillow slip dress yellow 2

I haven't had much time for sewing recently, and then last weekend Little Eco woke up and asked me to make her a yellow dress. She was a little surprised when I agreed. She excitedly chose the pillow case and we worked together sewing in our PJ's before breakfast.

Pillow slip dress yellow 3b

I was going to try and pretend that the point of this post was to motivate the beginner sewers among you to try making a pillow slip dress. There's loads of tutorials online. I used this one, and for beginner sewers I think a video tutorial would help. They're quick and easy and the perfect introduction to refashioning. You don't even have to sew side and bottom seams. But i'll be honest, really this post is all about me celebrating just how sweet and cute my little girl is ;-)