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I wish my city had a CERES Community Environment Park

CERES PLayground-1 {Little eco enjoying the crazy natural playground at CERES}

We were in Melbourne a few weeks ago. Daddy Eco and I were in the mood for sitting in cafes and relaxing, whereas we knew Little Eco would enjoy getting out and about. I asked one of my favourite bloggers, and Melbourne local, Gina of Clutterpunk, for some suggestions. Her response is worth sharing:

"Luckily in melbourne you can generally get excellent coffee and fun for kids in the same location. If weather is decent enough there's CERES in Brunswick or the Collingwood Children's Farm. Both are great and have excellent cafes too. In .. wet weather try Melbourne Museum (heaps of space to run around in, fun kid area too); hang around at Federation Square in the city, there is a little space called Art Play which the kids really enjoy; or ScienceWorks."

We chose CERES Community Environment Park (and even better met Gina and the three very cute Chez Clutterpunk children there for a coffee and play). CERES stands for Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies, and is an award winning, not-for-profit, environment and education centre and urban farm. I was impressed! I wish Newcastle had a CERES.

Feeding the chooks CERES-1

Little Eco especially loved the natural playground and feeding the chooks with William. 

Ceres bicycle recycle shed-1

She was equally impressed by the activity at the BikeShed.

Bike powered smoothie ceres-1

Daddy Eco enjoyed making a pedal powered smoothie.

Organic food market ceres-1

Could you imagine a prettier organic food market?

Organic food market ceres 2-1

Raised garden bed inspiration ceres 3-1

I was particularly inspired by all the styles of raised garden beds on display.

Raised garden bed inspiration ceres 1-1

Raised garden bed inspiration ceres 2-1

Raised garden bed inspiration ceres 4-1

Raised garden bed inspiration ceres c-1
Ceres garden plots 1-1

I adored the rustic rambling community garden plots.

Ceres garden plots 2-1

Ceres garden plots 3-1

Ceres market garden 1-1

The Honey Lane Market Garden was as beautiful as it is practical and productive.

Ceres market garden 2-1

CERES eco house

There's even an Eco House, full of ideas for retrofitting an average home. If you're interested pop on over an check out the virtual online tour.

Ceres permaculture nursery organic seedlings-1

I'm sort of relieved the Permaculture Nursery and bookshop are not closer to home, as I'm sure i'd spend way too much money there.

Ceres nursery bat boxes inspiration-1

We stole a few ideas from the bat boxes...

Ceres nursery chook house inspiration-1

...a chook house..

Ceres worm farm recycled garbage bin-1

..and the CERES Wormie bins. We're definately going to make a worm farm from our current wheelie bin, which is supposed to become our green waste bin once we switch to a three bin system. I was wondering what to do with the green waste bin, as I have no idea why anyone would throw out their green waste!?

Ceres courses workshops-1

I'm super envious of all the wonderful workshops and courses Melburnian's can enjoy at CERES. I'd be tempted to enrol in The Complete Urban Farmer course and workshops on Cider and Fruit Wine Making, Introduction to Aquaponics, Edible Weeds and Basket Weaving (just for starters).

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all cities had a CERES?