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Weekday mornings are sadly rather rushed in the Little Eco household these days due to a long commute to work. Given the morning chaos, I've been thankful for my waste-free lunch packing routine. On a Monday morning I boil five eggs; cut up some cheese, carrot and cucumber sticks; dish out five small containers of yoghurt, and sometimes hommus also; and make a few freezable sandwiches. Each morning I simply throw one of each in a lunch-box, add some fruit and Little Eco's lunch is made in only a few minutes. I thought i'd share my love for two containers... Read more →

I get the impression that some people believe they can shop their way to being green. They have a green epiphany and switch to buying organic, ethical, fair-trade, eco, and green products, but give little thought to how much they buy and why. It doesn’t help that so many products are marketed as ‘saving the planet’ and that it’s difficult to distinguish the greenwashed from the genuinely green. The problem is, going green is not about buying green, it’s about NOT buying. Eco products still have an environmental impact Irrespective of the green credentials of a product, it will still... Read more →

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by Soule Mama. If you manage to find a few quiet moments this weekend, and feel like some simple living inspiration, pop on over to my Inspiring Reads pages. My favourite recent additions include this roof-top garden (it's given me a few ideas for the narrow strip down the side of our house) and Let the Children Play's four part series on Ideas for adding natural... Read more →

The time Little Eco and I spend outdoors has decreased drastically since I started working full-time. We used to spend at least an hour outside together each afternoon. It was our Green Hour, and my favourite hour of the day. Long commuting times, combined with winter, has meant that by the time we find time for outdoor play it's either dark or raining. So rather than miss out on much-needed outdoor time, I've been thinking of quick and easy outdoor play ideas for when it’s wet or dark. I'm over at Childhood 101 today sharing some of my ideas so... Read more →