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A frugal and eco birthday party

We recently celebrated Little Eco's 4th birthday with an attempt at a good-old-fashioned simple and frugal birthday party.


The party invitations were free. I made them using Picnik and printed them on our home printer.

Little Eco is obsessed with Pass the Parcel. To her, it's the most important part of a party. But there's no way I was going to buy 23 plastic thingies to use as prizes, so instead I printed my favourite free printables on recycled paper, creating....


sewing cards (downloaded from here and here),


paper dolls (from here, found via here), and a few stickers to make up numbers after getting a little tired of cutting.


I wrapped the parcel using old maps rescued from work.




We also had a treasure hunt. The kids decorated their own treasure bags (and party crowns) and then went in search of a few treasures....



Treasures included a few lollies and a pack of home made play-dough.


Little Eco continued last years vintage dress theme, wearing a dress she excitedly discovered at an antique store.


We re-used last year's handmade party bunting and floor cushions (which have also done the rounds of a few parties in between).

Each child also made their own mini pizza, even flattening their own dough. Sadly I don't have any pictures of that delightful chaos.

I decided in the end that there's nothing simple about simple birthday parties. I had my poor parents and sister cutting, baking, mixing and creating till late the night before. It was worth it, but I think next year i'll embrace unstructured play time.

How about you? Do you have any eco or frugal party ideas?