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Less than ideal can be perfectly wonderful

Introducing Emu, Flappy, and Duffa Dilly Bong


Daddy Eco was away this weekend, and wasn't there to talk sense into Little Eco and I when we spotted three very cute four week old Pekin Bantams at the Farmer's Market.


We had plans to add a couple of Pekins to our backyard flock (because they are so good with kids)....


..perhaps in a year or so....

Backyard_chickens_pekins_4 point of lay so that we don't end up burdened with a rooster or two....


..after we've made a few changes so that we can safely eat the eggs despite our yard having lead contamination.


..and definitely not in the next six months, as our chaotic morning rush-hour routine is already full enough.


But how could we resist?


Surely, following your heart rather than your head every now and then is good for you?

Thankfully the seller offers to accept back any roosters and it looks like in the next few weeks I'll be making a few changes to our chook pen and backyard.

How about you? Have you ever bought a pet or farm animal on impulse? Are you glad you went with your heart?