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We’re nearing the end of week three of Our {more or less} No Spend Month. We’ve actually found it empowering to spend {more or less} nothing. I imagine it would be extremely disempowering if we were broke and were forced not to spend. But having money and not spending feels good. I’ve been reminded of all the ways to get food without spending money. Foraging is my absolute favourite. On our recent kayak trip, I was excited to spot loads of the bush tucker plant Tetragonia tetragonioides, commonly known as Warrigal Greens, Native Spinach, or New Zealand Spinach. See the... Read more →

I was recently blown away by how fun and easy Pita Pocket Bread is to make. It's loads of fun to cook, since each flat circle of dough puffs up like a balloon, in 1-2 minutes. The cooled, deflated balls of bread are then cut to form pockets which can be filled with anything you like. They can even be frozen for later use, although I can't imagine how any could be left to freeze. These delightful, light, little pockets are absolutely delicious. Although perhaps the fairy that kneaded the dough had something to do with that. Or perhaps it... Read more →

Tricia offers hints for how to detox and simplify your personal care and also offers readers the chance to win a natural deodorant. Read more →

Tonight marks the end of week one of our {more or less} no spend month. I've learnt so much about our consumption habits, but the main lesson so far has been that I need to learn to enjoy the time it takes to cook wholesome healthy food from scratch. I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen this week... ...baking bread (the mini pita pockets have definitely been the most popular so far. I'll share more about these shortly)... ...making yoghurt from scratch... ...sprouting, soaking, baking, boiling, fermenting, rising, blending, kneading, scrubbing, peeling, chopping, and so on. I'm... Read more →