Who needs to buy toys when you can play with bits of nature?
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Installing speed bumps to television viewing (& some housekeeping)

I’m over at Childhood 101 today sharing my latest strategy for decreasing television viewing in our household.

If you're wondering what speed bumps and a tea party have to do with watching television, head on over and check it out. 


Apologies to my email subscribers who received my last five blog posts for the second time today. It was an unexpected consequence of me setting up the domain name littleecofootprints.com. Hopefully today's email was the last of the duplicate emails.

The old address Littleecofootprints.typepad.com still works, so you don’t need to change your links, bookmarks, rss feed or email subscriptions.

I’ve also got a new email address tricia (at) littleecofootprints (dot) com.