Our {more or less} No Spend Month
{this moment}

Buying ‘handmade by someone else’

It seems a little silly to write a post on ‘buying’ when we’re not doing any buying at all. But I guess it’s sort of like dieting and chocolate, if you can’t have something you talk about it, think about it, and dream about it. Or in this case write about it.


I’ve been thinking of writing a post about this gorgeous dress I bought Little Eco a few weeks ago from Foxs Lane. Then today, after reading Kate’s expression of appreciation for her own little online shop, I couldn’t help but share my love for her sweet handmade dresses.

Recently, I haven’t had time to make anything beyond last minute birthday presents. I really wanted to make Little Eco a cute dress. Something with short sleeves. Something that was girly and cute, yet perfectly suitable for wearing while climbing trees or riding a bike or jumping over water.


Something a little different. Something made from vintage floral sheets. I really wanted to make something similar to the sweet dresses Kate makes.

I chose the pattern, selected the fabrics from my stash. And then nothing….

I just couldn’t find the time. I contemplated, isn’t buying ‘handmade by someone else’ as good as making your own? Surely even better?

I returned to Kate’s shop and shopped…..


…and soon after we received the sweetest dress ever.


Exactly what I wanted, yet so much more.

Do you enjoy buying ‘handmade by someone else’? Feel free to test my no-spend determination and share links to your favourite online handmade shops in the comments.

There’s only one day left to enter the Planet Boab giveaway. Entries will close midnight Thursday (Australian eastern standard time). Good luck :-)