Perfect opportunity to contribute to your community ~Clean up Australia Day~
My favourite quick handmade girls gift ~ The reinvention skirt

Acting on a few wise words about time and choice

I find myself wishing for more time far too often. Thankfully, I'm learning to act on these wise words..

You don't need more time... just need to decide.

I'm getting better at letting go of all those urgent tasks that don't really matter and focusing on what truly matters.


Now, if only I could learn to not feel guilty about all that i've chosen not to do.

p.s. Ethical clothing can be cute. In the above pic Little Eco wears a vintage top from the Reuse Center at Sandgate, a pre-loved skirt from Preloved Kidswear, and a handmade hair-clip from RedStitchDesign. Her pre-loved doll (an ebay find after she fell in love with a similar doll at childcare) wears a hand knitted outfit purchased from a small country town arts and craft co-op.