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Taking the six items or less challenge a step further - my wardrobe declutter

I accidentally finished the six items or less challenge a few days early. For some reason I had in my head that it finished at the end of the month, so that's when I finished. But I've just remembered it didn't officially start until the 10th. Oops! I still had a few days to go. 

Anyway, taking into account that I started a few days early, I did four full weeks, without breaking the challenge. So I'm telling myself I succeeded, despite the accidental early finish.


I loved it. I’d learnt so much by the end of the first week, and the remaining three weeks simply reinforced those lessons.

The month included camping, a christening, a funeral, meetings, cycling, and plenty of work and play. Not once did I wish I could wear something else.

Yesterday, the first day (I thought) I could wear something different, I walked into my wardrobe to grab something to wear to work. I was overwhelmed. I momentarily considered wearing part of my six items wardrobe. I grabbed a skirt and a matching top. The top needed ironing and I didn’t have time. Nothing else matched the skirt. After considering 10 or more pieces of clothing I finally settled on an outfit. It was too much choice. I couldn’t find what I wanted in amongst what I didn’t.

I came across a quote recently (in the Newsletter of a lovely Ayurveda lifestyle consultant I’m currently seeing) that relates to how I’m feeling about my wardrobe and my life in general.

"...I thought the more choices I had, the luckier I'd be. But there is a big difference between having many choices and making a choice. Making a choice - declaring what is essential - creates a framework for a life that eliminates many choices but gives meaning to the things that remain." 

Sue Bender, 'Plain & Simple'

So I’ve decided I’m going to make a choice. I’m going to make space and time for the things that matter by getting rid of what isn’t essential.

I’m going to apply ‘six items or less’ to my entire wardrobe.

No more than six skirts, six t-shirts, six blouses, six pairs of shoes, and so on. Anything beyond the six will be donated so that someone else can give the clothes the wear they deserve.

If I want to add to my wardrobe, i'll apply the 'one in, one out' method.

Speaking of de-cluttering methods, I recently discovered the Paris studio method for getting rid of clutter. I love it! I'm going to create my own method, the 'tiny mud brick cottage in the country method.

And speaking of buying clothing.....

There's another Raid My Wardrobe (pre-loved clothing sale) on in newcastle this weekend.

Details here. I'm hoping to have my wardrobe decluttered before then so that I actually know what I need and can head on down for some guilt-free shopping.

If you're looking for other eco things to do in Newcastle this weekend, there's also the World Wetlands Day Family Festival at the Hunter Wetlands Centre & Kooragang Wetland.


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