Dehydrating bananas in a solar oven
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Dehydrating food in your car ~ A food dryer that (almost) everyone has

I tried dehydrating bananas in our car over the weekend.


I wonder what the neighbours thought?

I had the car parked on the street facing the sun. I prepared the bananas the same as when I dehydrated in the solar oven, although this time I also sliced some cross-ways into banana chips. I simply placed them on oven racks with a black tray underneath (dark colours work best as they absorb heat rather than reflect) and then placed the trays on the dashboard. I opened the windows a few millimeters for ventilation, making sure the opening was too small for flies. 

It was a hot day (around 40 degrees C) and I had the bananas in the car for around 7 hours. They came out perfect.


Sweet, tasty, chewy, car-dried banana chips.

I'll certainly use the car again for drying. I think i'll try drying herbs next time. Perhaps a batch of car-dried tea: lemongrass, mint, spearmint and lemon verbena?

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