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I wash my face with honey

I used to make Julie's lovely honey facial cleanser. Early last year I ran out and, while waiting to find the time to make another batch, I started washing my face with just honey.


I've used nothing but honey to wash my face since. I love that i'm washing my face with something thats simple, natural, package-free, renewable, frugal and I can totally see the benefits to my skin. In contrast to many of the toxic chemical ingredients typically found in commercial skin care products, honey is a natural renewable resource. I’m sticking to honey!

I simply place a little honey on a face washer – and wash, then rinse.

A friend mentioned that adding wheat germ to the honey makes a lovely face scrub. Wheat germ contains vitamin E and B and is apparently really nourishing – so I’ll definitely give it a go.

I'm collecting a few other honey pantry pampering recipies i'd like to try. On the 'try soon' list is wheat germ and honey body scrub, egg-white, honey and lemon juice facial mask, oatmeal and honey face mask, a honey hair mask, and definately this honey, wine and chocolate facial mask.

Go on, I dare you, wash your face with honey :-)