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Sunshine Cooking ~ Introducing my new solar oven


Check out my new toy. It’s a solar cooker.

She turned up on Monday and I had her sitting in the sun cooking our lunch within minutes.


So far I’ve heated up soup, cooked chickpeas, and boiled eggs. All cooked solely with sunshine. I think the term ‘solar cooking’ is too boring a term to describe the magic. I think ‘sunshine cooking’ is more apt. 

Sun Cook Solar Ovens

We purchased our Sun Cook solar oven from Sun Cooking Australia.

Tasman and the solar oven2 Heather, who founded Sun Cooking Australia, was so impressed with her own Sun Cook oven that she decided to become the sole Australian distributor.

Head on over to to find out more about solar cooking and the Sun Cook.

 Heather even offers discounts for not-for-profit, community and government organisations. 

Yes, that was a blatant plug for Sun Cooking Australia

But I’m not going to apologise.

Heather is a good friend of mine and is one amazing lady. She’s a Climate Change Scientist specialising in sea level rise and she somehow manages to find the time to run two eco businesses (Climate Change Impact Assessments and Sun Cooking Australia). She's also the founder of the eco playgroup Playdates for the Planet.

I want to note that Heather did not ask me to write this post nor promote her business in any way. She’s currently off climbing a mountain somewhere in Tasmania and has no idea I’ve written this. Let’s prove that it’s possible for a Mum to climb mountains and run a successful business at the same time. So go on, head on over to her website, check it out, and spread the word.

Speaking of sea level rise, have you seen the new Australian sea level rise maps? The maps illustrate the potential impacts of climate change for key urban areas. Our house is thankfully mapped as above sea level. How about yours?