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Six things I’ve learnt so far from wearing less

I’ve made it through the first week of the Six items or less challenge. I started a few days early, so I’ve now been wearing the same six items of clothing for 10 days.

I’ve loved it.

I love not having to think about what to wear. I love the simplicity. I love not having to rummage through that huge pile of laundry that lives on our lounge looking for a particular top. I love ignoring my wardrobe that is full of clothes I don't even like.

I’ve also learnt a few things.

1. It’s easy to be organised when you only have six items of clothing to manage.

I’ve found it surprisingly easy to make sure I had something clean, matching and ironed to wear each day. Dealing with a few pieces of clothing is far easier than dealing with a whole wardrobe of clothes.


I keep the clothes hanging on my door knob. Each time I undress, I run through a quick mental check-list...

Is it clean enough to wear again? If so I’ll hang it straight up.

Can I spot clean it? If so I’ll spot clean it straight away and then hang it up.

Does it need to be washed? Do I have a full load ready? If not I’ll simply hand-wash it (before you jump up and down about me wasting water hand-washing see point 2) and hang it on the line to dry overnight.


2. Hand-washing isn’t that hard.

A few times I’ve had something that needed to be washed, but didn’t yet have a full load of washing. So I simply hand-washed. Not wanting to waste any water, I washed in Little Eco’s bath water.


I don’t think Little Eco had ever seen hand washing before. She loved joining in and was truly proud of the clothes she had washed all by herself.

3. Ironing is a great way of freshening up already worn clothes.

I have to admit, on one day I pulled a top out of the dirty clothes basket to wear.

I’d decided it needed to be washed the previous night, but on the following morning I decided I really needed to wear it. So I simply ironed it with a damp cloth in hand, spot cleaning as I went. It came up fine.

Daddy Eco thinks this is too gross to admit. But i'm guessing i'm not the only one who's tried this at least once?

4. Those 50’s housewives were smart ~ Aprons are a good thing.

I’ve taken to wearing an apron when I’m at home to keep my clothes clean for longer. I’m wearing an apron when I’m cooking, cleaning, gardening, and even when I’m eating dinner.

I'm pretty certain I’ll continue wearing aprons long after the six items or less challenge has finished. My look is currently more frumpy daggy housewife than 50’s housewife chic, so I’m checking out a few vintage apron tutorials and down-loadable patterns.

5. Less washing = saving energy and water.

With all this wearing twice, spot washing, and hand washing in bathwater, I’ve had less washing to do this week. For every load less i'm saving energy and water.

6. A totally ‘dark’ or totally ‘light’ wardrobe would make life easier.

I seem to always have not quiet enough ‘lights’ and not quiet enough ‘darks’ for a full load. It would be so much easier if all our clothes and underwear were either one or the other.

This is not exactly a new lesson for me. When travelling, I make sure I only pack things that I’d wash together. The six item or less challenge has got me thinking about applying this rule to my whole wardrobe. I'm now thinking that monks, in their lovely shades of brown and orange, are just as smart as those 50's housewives .

For those of you doing the challenge, have you stuck to it? Enjoyed it? Learnt anything so far? Have any hints for me?

Have a lovely week :-)