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January 2011

I’ve made it through the first week of the Six items or less challenge. I started a few days early, so I’ve now been wearing the same six items of clothing for 10 days. I’ve loved it. I love not having to think about what to wear. I love the simplicity. I love not having to rummage through that huge pile of laundry that lives on our lounge looking for a particular top. I love ignoring my wardrobe that is full of clothes I don't even like. I’ve also learnt a few things. 1. It’s easy to be organised when... Read more →

I used to make Julie's lovely honey facial cleanser. Early last year I ran out and, while waiting to find the time to make another batch, I started washing my face with just honey. I've used nothing but honey to wash my face since. I love that i'm washing my face with something thats simple, natural, package-free, renewable, frugal and I can totally see the benefits to my skin. In contrast to many of the toxic chemical ingredients typically found in commercial skin care products, honey is a natural renewable resource. I’m sticking to honey! I simply place a little... Read more →

I'm into honey at the moment. As you can imagine, with all that glorious golden honey sitting in my pantry, I can't think of much else. I've a few honey and beekeeping posts dancing around in my head. I hope you can cope with a week of me chatting about honey and beekeeping? I just had to share this recipe for mini banana and honey cakes. These sweet little cakes are so quick and easy to make. Little Eco and I whipped up a batch in the 15 minutes before having to walk out the door to swimming lessons the... Read more →

Remember my backyard bees? I sadly had to say goodbye to my bee hive almost a year ago because of an unhappy neighbour. Close neighbours are definitely one of the major downsides of living in an urban area. The hive has been living in the country near my Dad's place since then. I finally had the chance to harvest some glorious golden raw honey from my hive over the christmas holidays. How gorgeous is this honey! Here's my hive in it's new home. Surrounded by fields of Canola and an incredible amount of Scotch Thistle. Both much loved by honey... Read more →

eeek! I've just signed up for the six items or less challenge. I'm tired of having a wardrobe of clothes, but nothing to wear. I'm tired of being tempted by new clothing that I don't need. I'm hoping it will help me let go of clothes that I rarely (or never) wear. It officially starts this Monday 10th January. But I'm actually ready and started today. I'm looking forward to not having to think about what to wear. I wonder how many people will notice? How about you? Could you wear only six items of clothing for an entire month?... Read more →