A few delightful eco toys for christmas
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A free nature play activity great for entertaining kids on holiday car trips

Are you travelling with kids over the holidays? Before you jump in the car, grab an egg carton. It's all you'll need to play this great nature play activity.

Nature Sorting


Collect at least 20 nature 'things', like rocks, flowers, leaves, sticks, weeds, or whatever is available. Here's a few things I collected from our home and backyard the other day. When travelling, I collect the 'things' during a toilet or meal stop.


Place your collection of nature things in an egg carton and ask your child to sort them into different colours, shapes, textures or any characteristic you can think of. 






or a row of pink and a row of yellow...

..or dead things, living things, hairy things, smelly things, the list is endless. 

For older children you could try leaf shape or inflorescence type

Little eco loves this game and i'm always amazed at where our conversation goes when discussing the various nature 'things'.

I came up with this game in desperation a few months ago when we had to drive 1800km in a week. Little Eco had a few recycled yoghurt containers. Each time we stopped i'd pick up a cup of 'things' for her to sort. Here she is trying to work out what one of the nature 'things' was...


She took a long, deep sniff. You can imagine the look on her face when I told her it was dried kangaroo poo.

For more play inspiration head on over to Childhood 101 for We Play.

Holiday wishes

I'm planning to take a break from this space until the new year so that I can focus on enjoying the holiday season. I might pop in for a few Friday This Moment posts, but otherwise i'm trying to go screen free for the holidays.

Wishing you a relaxed, nourishing, and pleasure-filled holiday season.

Tricia xx