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December 2010

Are you travelling with kids over the holidays? Before you jump in the car, grab an egg carton. It's all you'll need to play this great nature play activity. Nature Sorting Collect at least 20 nature 'things', like rocks, flowers, leaves, sticks, weeds, or whatever is available. Here's a few things I collected from our home and backyard the other day. When travelling, I collect the 'things' during a toilet or meal stop. Place your collection of nature things in an egg carton and ask your child to sort them into different colours, shapes, textures or any characteristic you can... Read more →

I couldn't resist sharing pictures of the two gifts we bought Little Eco for Christmas. This gorgeous doll is a Little Jenny Wren Doll handmade by Jenny Marshall. I knew this doll was going to be gorgeous as i've long admired Jenny's dolls, however I wasn't prepared for just how sweet she is in real life. She's 100% natural, with cotton skin, wool stuffing, and all natural fibre hair and clothing. She even has hand knitted underwear. I felt a little weird taking photos of a dolls underwear, but they are too cute not to share. She also comes with... Read more →

Over the past few weeks I’ve gained an increasing appreciation for my most important eco asset. I didn’t realise what it was until it failed me…. It’s not our solar panels, rainwater tanks, garden, or our passively designed home. Nor is it my bike or our public transport system. My most important eco asset is my health. The whole Little Eco family caught a chest cold that has left us feeling rotten and exhausted for over a month. Living a simpler, more sustainable life does take more time and energy. Usually we don’t mind. But when we’re sick it becomes... Read more →