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Slow travel ~ slowing down and taking a journey rather than a trip

 Slow travel is about making conscious choices, and not letting the anticipation of arrival undermine the pleasure of the journey. By choosing to travel slowly, we reshape our relationship with place and with the communities through which we pass on our journeys.

A manifesto for slow travel

This time last week I was sitting on a train. I had to be at a workshop on the Friday. I could have flown up Thursday night, stayed in a motel, done the workshop, and then flown home Friday night. Instead I decided to remind myself of the benefits of slow travel


10 hours on a train.

Just me.

Pure bliss.

When was the last time you had 10 hours to yourself? I finally had time to read. I read, read and read.

I stayed that night at a colleague's house in the middle of a rainforest. She's a wildlife carer and I got to meet this sweet little squirrel glider.

The following night, I stayed with another colleague. We've known each other for years and it was lovely to have time to chat. No kids, no bedtime routine. Just me and someone who knew me before I was a mum.

She also lives surrounded by rainforest. I enjoyed wandering through her garden and helped rescue a frog from her hallway.

In the morning we met up at a local cafe with my lift home: another colleague and friend. We had a leisurely brunch and then drove home, chatting all the way. And of course I had to stop off for some local produce along the way.


Just think, I would have missed all this if i'd taken the plane. Time to myself. Time to connect with friends. Time to experience new places. Time to learn new things.

Not bad for what could have been a quick, busy, stressful one day trip.

Do you want your life to be full of trips or journeys? I'd take a journey any day.

IMG_6995Tomato sauce I made from my box of Coffs Harbour tomatoes. So delicious that that bottle on the right was full five days ago!