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Need some sustainable living inspiration?

Hello all.

I've set up a new page dedicated to inspiring reads. It's the place where i'll list articles that are so good that they have to be shared.

For example, this week I've loved:

A Short Guide to Consumer Disobedience, Miss minimalist.

What Simplicity And Minimalism Isn’t About, Simple. Organised. Life

Life is 15 per cent better on a bike, ABC Environment

Why I won't be cooking for a week, The Progressive Pioneer

Why public transportation is good for kids, The Grist

Make Home a Haven Using Personal Filters, Small Notebook for a Simple Home

Let's make a harvest garland, The Magic Onion

So if you ever have a spare few minutes for reading and need some inspiration, head on over to my inspiring reads page.

Have you read something recently that's too good not to share? Feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Speaking of things too good not to share....


A few weeks ago we had three Guinea Pigs. Now we have nine! Any locals out there want some Guinea Pigs? Seriously :-)

Have a lovely weekend.