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24 nature play and eco craft activities ~ Countdown to christmas

A quick and easy last minute eco advent calender tutorial

I've been planning to make Little Eco an advent calender for weeks. I'd been thinking maybe something made from recycled fabric, or sticks and recycled coffee cups, or recycled paper, or vintage buttons, or even toilet rolls. Before I knew it, it was only a few days away from the 1st of December and I was trying to think of how we could make a quick eco advent calender in less than an hour.

I remembered leaf bunting. Perfect!

When out and about doing some chores yesterday, we collected fallen dead leaves along the way.


I also picked up a packet of mini pegs.


Back home we pegged some leaves to a piece of string. Counting the leaves over and over again until we had 24.


I then wrote the numbers 1 to 24 on the leaves with a black permanent marker and hung the strand above Little Eco's table.



You could also simply pin the leaves to a cork board or number the leaves and simply throw them into a bowl. 

24 Nature Play or Eco Craft activities

Each number will correspond to a different nature play or eco craft activity. 

I'll share my list tomorrow (you can find it here).

Another Little Eco led spontaneous craft activity

Little Eco was very quiet while I was hanging and photographing the calender. I went back outside and found one very smug girl drawing faces on the remaining leaves.




I like it when she surprises me.

For more play ideas head on over to Childhood 101 for We play