Knowing nature ~ It's hard saying goodbye to something you love
Adding a touch of handmade to a not-made-by-me gift

Planning a natural playground: Salvaged timber kids outdoor table and chairs

We're planning a backyard natural playground.

After spotting Marganita's  cute fairy seating area I decided we had to have one. But I had no idea where I was going to find a tree stump. By chance, we visited my mum shortly after an old tree had been cut down due to safety. They were going to use it for firewood! I'm so glad we saved it.






So far these stumps from the tree that grew outside my childhood bedroom window have been stepping stumps, doll seats, a table for a delicious garden salad, and a seat for a vet. I wonder what else they will become?

Other plans for our backyard natural playground:

I think we need a bigger yard :-)

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