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A quick and easy last minute eco advent calender tutorial

I've been planning to make Little Eco an advent calender for weeks. I'd been thinking maybe something made from recycled fabric, or sticks and recycled coffee cups, or recycled paper, or vintage buttons, or even toilet rolls. Before I knew it, it was only a few days away from the 1st of December and I was trying to think of how we could make a quick eco advent calender in less than an hour.

I remembered leaf bunting. Perfect!

When out and about doing some chores yesterday, we collected fallen dead leaves along the way.


I also picked up a packet of mini pegs.


Back home we pegged some leaves to a piece of string. Counting the leaves over and over again until we had 24.


I then wrote the numbers 1 to 24 on the leaves with a black permanent marker and hung the strand above Little Eco's table.



You could also simply pin the leaves to a cork board or number the leaves and simply throw them into a bowl. 

24 Nature Play or Eco Craft activities

Each number will correspond to a different nature play or eco craft activity. 

I'll share my list tomorrow (you can find it here).

Another Little Eco led spontaneous craft activity

Little Eco was very quiet while I was hanging and photographing the calender. I went back outside and found one very smug girl drawing faces on the remaining leaves.




I like it when she surprises me.

For more play ideas head on over to Childhood 101 for We play

Restored ~ grateful for quick weekend camping trips







Our tired little family is feeling much better after a quick weekend camping trip. Children running wild for hours on end, river swimming, treasure hunts, cooking marshmallows on the fire, lazing around chatting, and four little girls beaming with pride after enjoying their first horse ride. Magic.

We stayed at Glenworth Valley. This beautiful valley is the perfect place for a quick weekend get-away. It's only an hour or so from Sydney or Newcastle and minutes from the central coast.

Need a little magic yourself? Ignore all those excuses that usually keep you at home and head out on an adventure next weekend.

Have a lovely week.

~November~ This month a year ago on Little Eco Footprints

I can't believe its almost two years since I started this blog.

PA040193 Two years ago Little Eco was much littler.

I've started reading through old posts to see what we were up to at the same time a year ago. Here's a few of my favourite posts from November 2009:

I love passive design

Vintage suitcase toy storage

Could park benches connect our communities?

Homemade moisturising body bar recipe


Have a lovely weekend.

We're off camping. I'm hoping a little time with nature will provide the restoration we need. The three of us have had a rotten chest cold for a few weeks now and haven't been able to shake it. I'm certain a little time with nature and friends is just what we need.

 If you find a few moments to read, check out this week's additions to the inspiring reads page. I was particularly inspired by the six piece wardrobe, as i'm planning to take the next six items or less challenge. eeek!

Adding a touch of handmade to a not-made-by-me gift

I resorted to buying a birthday gift for one of Little Eco's friends today. I just couldn't find the energy to 'whip something up' like I usually do. So I did the next best thing and bought someone else's handmade goodies.

I popped into Blackbird Corner and bought some hair clips by Sheeps Clothing and elastics by Oopsidaisi.

I thought it was a sweet, practical and ethical gift. But it didn't look like much. So I made a simple draw-string bag out of a vintage sheet. The bag took less than 10 minutes to make and made the not-made-by-me gift a little more personal. Don't you think?

I also made a quick gift tag by sewing the same fabric onto a piece of recycled cardboard.

Whats your favourite 'last minute' gift?

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Planning a natural playground: Salvaged timber kids outdoor table and chairs

We're planning a backyard natural playground.

After spotting Marganita's  cute fairy seating area I decided we had to have one. But I had no idea where I was going to find a tree stump. By chance, we visited my mum shortly after an old tree had been cut down due to safety. They were going to use it for firewood! I'm so glad we saved it.






So far these stumps from the tree that grew outside my childhood bedroom window have been stepping stumps, doll seats, a table for a delicious garden salad, and a seat for a vet. I wonder what else they will become?

Other plans for our backyard natural playground:

I think we need a bigger yard :-)

For more play inspiration head on over to childhood 101 for We Play.