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Is there anything better than a great Op Shop find?

Yes..when the treasures find you.

We've been the lucky recipients of some lovely second-hand treasures recently.

There's these sweet little timber egg cups. They were an engagement gift to Daddy Eco’s parents more than 40 years ago. His mum thought we might like them. Oh we do.

My mum spotted this glass bowl at a market and thought I might like it. How could I not?

And these glass measuring cups belonged to one of Daddy Eco's distant relatives (his Great Uncles Aunt. Does that make her his Great Great Aunt?). I have a similar much loved measuring cup that belonged to my Gran. Only a few weeks ago I was thinking I should keep an eye out for another one and donate my plastic measuring cups to Little Eco's sand pit. Then Daddy Eco's Mum asked if i would like these two sweet cups? Would I ever!

I love searching for treasures through Op Shops (charity shops, thrift shops), markets and garage sales. But I love it even more when the treasures find me.

I have a question for you about gifting second-hand things.

These gifts weren't for a birthday or anything like that. They were just things my Mum and Mother-in-law thought i'd like. If they had been birthday gifts I would have been very happy. But I can't imagine them giving me a second-hand gift for my birthday. Why not?

Have you ever gifted something second-hand? Or received? Do you think the recipient of a second-hand gift would think you were just being cheap?

I try and make most of my gifts. But somtimes I struggle to find the time. Perhaps i'll start gifting second-hand?

Salvo's Buy Nothing New Month

While on the topic of second-hand, did you know October was 'Buy nothing new month'? Organised by the Salvo's, the month challenges people to buy nothing new for an entire month. I'm taking the challenge and am even thinking of entering the competition. How about you? Could you buy nothing new for an entire month?

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