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Go on, ride to work ~ Ride to work day this wednesday

I love My Bikev2 It's Ride to Work Day this Wednesday (13th October).

Do you have a bike that sits neglected, rarely used? Do you wish you were the sort of person that rode to work, but don't think you could? Do you worry...'Will I look silly turning up at work on a bike? What will I wear? How will I cope with the helmet hair?'

That used to be me. The first time I rode to work was a Ride to Work Day. Riding with others made that first step much easier. We stopped in at a cafe for breakfast. It was fun and most importantly I had made that first step and was no longer scared to ride to work.


So go on. Ride to work (or school, or the supermarket, or the park, or the library) this wednesday. Register here and search here to see if there is a community breakfast organised for your area. Also check out all their great tips on what to wear, how to store your stuff, and how to give your bike a little TLC. They even have tips for avoiding helmet hair! Find these and many many more great resources here and you can even follow Ride to Work on Facebook, Twitter or You-tube.

Still need some inspiration? Watch this short and inspiring video by Carol Duong on 'Why I bike' and read about the benefits of cycle commuting.

For those of you with kids, check out these great tips on How to bike commute with a baby and read about this family of four that live a car free life.

Wondering what to wear? I simply wear what I would normally. I haven't yet found anything I can't cycle in. You can find some lovely cycling fashion inspiration over at Simply Bike, Cycle Chic, Bikes and the City, and check out the lovely clothes for bike lovers by the Sydney based Spoke + Spool. All their garments are handmade from recycled second-hand clothing.

Have a lovely week.