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Playing with nature in the city

Do you sometimes struggle to find ways to connect with nature when living in a city?

I recently re-discovered a great place to connect with nature in the city: the museum.

I had a girls day out in Sydney with my mum and Little Eco on Sunday. We were planning to catch a ferry to the zoo, but the rain dampened our enthusiasm. We decided to visit the Australian Museum instead.

Wow! What a great place for kids to play with nature.

There's a Kidspace especially for under 5's.

"Kidspace is a dedicated 'mini-museum' that stimulates young children's imaginations and encourages them to explore the natural world. Kids are encouraged to investigate real-life objects and specimens by peering into magnifying glasses to examine insects, looking at animal X-rays on a light table and even touching a human skeleton!"


Little Eco especially loved being able to pat all the stuffed animals and I was particularly impressed with the scat (poo) collection in the Search and Discover space.

Entry to the museum is free for Kids under five and adults are only $12, which is not bad when compared with the price of the zoo or aquarium.

We're planning to head back down to the Museum next month for 'Bones, Bones, Bones! for Under 5s'.

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P.S. Thanks to those of you who provided links to other online pre-loved clothing stores. I've edited the original post to include a list of australian online pre-loved clothing stores. I should fess up to having shopped at three of these stores in the past fortnight. I love ethical shopping being so easy, but I think I better slow down ;-)