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Does your rubbish really need to be put in a plastic bag?

The following statement is from an email I received from a marketing company working for a well known plastic sandwich wrap manufacturer. They have released a biodegradable garbage bag and...

"As garbage bags are something that everyone needs to use, it’s nice to know that now there is a more eco friendly option available" 

Are they? Since when? Why does everyone need to use a garbage bag?

For years I recycled our plastic shopping bags as bin liners. I thought I was doing a good thing by recycling. 'Otherwise i'd just have to go and buy plastic garbage bags. Right?' 


Once I started to be more serious about using reusable shopping bags (I love my envirosax bags), it wasn't long before we ran out of plastic bags. I was initially troubled. What do I do now?

After giving it some thought I realised a plastic bag is totally unecessary. We put our rubbish in a small indoor plastic bin, and then when it's full we transfer it to a larger outdoor bin, which is eventually tipped into a garbage truck. Why do we need the plastic bag? Especially considering the problems they cause.

I now simply place newspaper in the base of the bin and when its full we pick up the bin and take it outside and tip it in the garbage bin. Simple. My bin is a little dirty. So what!?

We still use the occasional plastic bag as a rubbish bag when we have them. And the source of those plastic bags? Daddy Eco isn't very good at remembering reusable shopping bags.

I decided to solve this problem and just now went off in search of 'masculine' reuseable bags. I found some!

Ox.b2_bag_3   Ox.b3_bag_3-2   Ox.b5_bag_1_1 

I bought him a 5 pack of the Oxford Envirosax bag (selection seen above). Perfect! "The new Oxford series delivers a more masculine edge. Offering traditional plaid & argyle patterns, tough camo styles as well as the street wise GT stripe.." I especially love the plaid. And the good news is the Oxford Pouch is currently half price

Have a lovely week.