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How to be a conservation biologist for a day

I've been thrilled to see an increasing number of opportunities for the community to be involved in biodiversity conservation. Like this Sunday 31st October, you could join in an Australia-wide Ibis Census. Or if you live in Western Australia, you could help by listening out for the the White-striped Bat.  Or if you live in NSW you can help by taking this Community Wildlife Survey.

The opportunities seem endless. There's also ClimateWatch, Earthwatch, Landcare, and Conservation Volunteers Australia. You can even become a Scientist for a day or help conserve Sydney Harbour National Park’s flora and fauna.

5083050630_1f3b502b95_z A team of community volunteers who recently helped survey for a critically endangered plant. Julie of Towards Sustainability shares her experience as a volunteer on the day here

It's apparently called citizen science and i'm pretty certain we'll be seeing even more of it in the future. Australia's Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, released only a few days ago, identifies engaging all Australian's in biodiversity conservation as a major priority. The strategy acknowledges that everyone has a responsibility to conserve biodiversity, not just government.

I like it!