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October 2010

I've been thrilled to see an increasing number of opportunities for the community to be involved in biodiversity conservation. Like this Sunday 31st October, you could join in an Australia-wide Ibis Census. Or if you live in Western Australia, you could help by listening out for the the White-striped Bat. Or if you live in NSW you can help by taking this Community Wildlife Survey. The opportunities seem endless. There's also ClimateWatch, Earthwatch, Landcare, and Conservation Volunteers Australia. You can even become a Scientist for a day or help conserve Sydney Harbour National Park’s flora and fauna. A team of... Read more →

Do you sometimes struggle to find ways to connect with nature when living in a city? I recently re-discovered a great place to connect with nature in the city: the museum. I had a girls day out in Sydney with my mum and Little Eco on Sunday. We were planning to catch a ferry to the zoo, but the rain dampened our enthusiasm. We decided to visit the Australian Museum instead. Wow! What a great place for kids to play with nature. There's a Kidspace especially for under 5's. "Kidspace is a dedicated 'mini-museum' that stimulates young children's imaginations and... Read more →

The following statement is from an email I received from a marketing company working for a well known plastic sandwich wrap manufacturer. They have released a biodegradable garbage bag and... "As garbage bags are something that everyone needs to use, it’s nice to know that now there is a more eco friendly option available" Are they? Since when? Why does everyone need to use a garbage bag? For years I recycled our plastic shopping bags as bin liners. I thought I was doing a good thing by recycling. 'Otherwise i'd just have to go and buy plastic garbage bags. Right?'... Read more →

Do you like our new bedroom wall feature? We didn't have any space to store our bikes. We don't have a garage and our shed is too small so our bikes were crowding our study. I went in search of stylish indoor bike storage inspiration and found plenty. Who knew bikes could look so good inside?! Reassured that bikes could look good when stored properly, we decided to use our bedroom wall, took down our wedding photograph, and added a simple bike wall mount for Daddy Eco's bike. I simply park mine below. I love that I'm reminded every morning... Read more →