Once in a lifetime ~ Part 2 ~ Shell Beach, Shark Bay
Once in a lifetime ~ Part 3 ~ Mermaids!

~ Home sweet home ~

We finally arrived home late last night after traveling for almost three weeks. We’ve had a wonderful time away, but are so very happy to be home.

I love returning home to see how the garden has grown without our interference. Last year it  was overrun by a pumpkin vine. This year it was weeds and grass! 


But in amongst all that grass the garden has been thriving. 


The strawberries I planted into bags of potting mix are flowering....

..the mint has overtaken everything else in my 'tea bag' (thankfully I love mint tea)....


and my tomatoes are loving the bags of mushroom compost.


The worms gifted me with a full bucket of worm wee, and I enjoyed wandering around the garden this afternoon sharing it amongst the plants.

It's nice to be home.