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Once in a lifetime ~ Part 1 ~ The Wreath Lechenaultia

The secret of dying grey hair naturally with Henna is...



I've been dying my hair with Henna for a while now. I love being free of all those toxic chemicals in permanent hair dye. But one downside is that the coverage of grey isn't usually that great, with the grey hairs being redder than the remaining hair. These 'red highlights' look OK when you have just a few grey hairs. But I no longer have 'just a few'. 


So today, when mixing the Henna, I substituted the boiled water with hot black coffee. It's apparently supposed to help lessen the red tones, especially where there is a 'large percentage of grey'. And it worked!

Apparently you can also add egg, olive oil, or even yogurt to the Henna mix to help condition dry hair. I'll try some of these next time. 

A few more Henna tips:

*I apply my homemade moisturising body bar along my hairline to act as a barrier and prevent the Henna dying my skin. It works a treat and is petrochemicall free, unlike Vaseline.

*It's important to keep your hair warm when the Henna is doing its thing by covering it in plastic. We don't buy plastic wrap, so instead I cover my hair with an old plastic bag. It's a good look ;-)

*For super grey coverage I leave the Henna in for 2-3 hours.

What a post. I've admitted I have more than 'just a few' grey hairs and have shared a pic of me with a plastic bag on my head. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I've been packing for our upcoming trip. I've just removed around a third of what I had packed after being inspired by these minimalist travelers.