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Off with the plants

Hello. I’ve quickly popped into this neglected space to explain its neglect. Regular readers will know I’ve been focusing on finding balance in my life. I’m determined to live a busy life, but to do it slowly. Does that make sense?

Work has been a little hectic recently. But that’s good. My job seemed to become less important to me when Little Eco was born. Before her, threatened species conservation was my life. But once she came along I felt like I needed to focus on our home and our community. It’s taken at least three years, but I finally feel like I’m getting back ‘into’ my job.

So I’ll be off with the plants for a while. 

IMG_5521 Me visiting with a critically endangered plant this morning.

It’s National Threatened Species Day on Tuesday and I’m organising a community survey for a critically endangered plant. Soon after that I’m heading off to Perth for the Australian Network for Plant Conservation Conference. The rest of the Little Eco family will be joining me and we’ll be checking out the wildflowers on our way up to Monkey Mia so that Little Eco can see the dolphins. Soon after returning, i’m helping with a private land conservation workshop and after that I’m presenting at a workshop on threatened plant translocation. In between all that talking i'm also supposed to be actually 'doing' things to help conserve a few Hunter Valley threatened species

So I guess i'm trying to say I still want to blog regularly, but if I don’t, you'll know I’m just trying to live a busy life slowly (and am probably just off with the plants).

I hope you are finding plenty of slow in your busy life also :-)