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Cycling to work inspiration

I seem to find an excuse each day not to ride my bike to work. It's mostly because i'm running late, which is a pretty slack excuse, because taking into account parking, its actually quicker to ride.

I want to ride, and feel good when I do. I love the connection I feel with my community. I love the chats I have with Little Eco as she rides on the back. I love that it gets me moving.


I've just fallen out of the habit. But i'm inspired to get back in the saddle after stumbling across the Simply Bike Blog tonight. It's inspirational and full of gorgeous photographs of cycling in work clothes.

This inspiring video then sealed the deal. I'm going to ride to work without fail for the next fortnight.

I'm usually pretty good at breaking challenges, so to punish myself if I do fail, I pledge to adopt a threatened plant each day I take the car.

Wish me Sunshine :-)