Recycled bookmark inspiration from the 1950's
Note to self...

A windy beach, dolphins and story stone play




We enjoyed some windy winter beach time this morning at today's Playdate for the Planet. A few brave mums and littlies ventured out into the wind, and we were rewarded with kite flying, seashells, sunshine, and dolphins.

I love the beach in winter.

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6_IMG_2887 We came home with a collection of shells, smooth stones and.....

7_IMG_2917 ...plastic! I was surprised by how many times I picked up what I thought was a bright shell, only to find that it was plastic. I wonder how long this coral-covered piece had been floating around the ocean? I wonder how much plastic will litter our beaches when Little Eco is my age? Sadly, this plastic is not only killing sea-life, but is also ending up in our seafood.

Inspired by these Empowerment Pebbles and Story Stones, this afternoon we made our own story stones....


4_IMG_2863We simply drew on the rocks with a paint pen. Little Eco had lots of fun playing with the stones, shells and driftwood. She even had the sun and moon playing see-saw with each other?

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