Struggling to swallow my bananas
We forgot to check on our mushrooms for a few days.....

Organising a weeks worth of waste-free lunches

Tuesday is the first of four consecutive work/preschool days in our household. It's taken me a few years, but i've finally found a lunch-packing rhythm.

Tuesday morning I make four...

IMG_3030..yoghurts in Kids Konserve stainless steel mini containers,

IMG_3034 ..boiled eggs (they come in their own delightful biodegradable containers),

IMG_3041 ..cheese sticks, 

IMG_3048 ..and two jam (or honey or hommus or vegemite) sandwiches. 

Each morning to make Little Eco's lunch I simply pull out an egg, yogurt, add the cheese sticks to some crackers, pull half a sandwich out of the freezer and throw it in a sandwich wrap, add a piece or two of fruit, and in less than a minute I have an economical waste free lunch. 

IMG_3054 Some weeks I replace the cheese and crackers with hommus and carrot sticks or one of Linda's delicious healthy lunch-box snacks (I'm in love with her lemon and ricotta tarts).

Anyone else have some waste-free lunch box tips? Please share :-)