Slowing to smell the flowers
How can I be annoyed when this cute face is the thief?

Green as in colour and green as in good.

IMG_1415~Green recycling and green gardening~

IMG_3810~Green foraging~

IMG_3872 ~Green and clean indoor air~

IMG_4885 ~Our green Rain Reviva rainwater storage~

IMG_9710 ~Our green Eton solar and hand powered radio~

IMG_2889~Our green girl gobbling up home sprouted greens~

IMG_5055 ~Two of my favorite green things - the mitts and him~

IMG_7487 ~Green public transport~

IMG_1075 ~Green gift tags handmade from old cards~

IMG_1948 ~A green gift from a fellow green gal~

If you love green as much as me, then head on over to Meet Me At Mikes for Colour my week green.