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The opp shop fairies were looking out for us

We've been traipsing around second hand shops for months and months with a long list of furniture we wanted for our home. We typically find one or two pieces a month (if that!). Then last weekend the opp shop fairies (i’m sure there are such creatures) were looking out for us and we discovered...


My long dreamed for sideboard…

IMG_2156 The only desk Daddy Eco and I have both liked (there’s been months of disagreements before finding this desk).


A poof with storage for our Newspapers (seriously, this was on our wish list).

IMG_2240-1Another 1940/50s kids chair. This definitely wasn’t on our list as we already have three…but who could resist this little beauty?


They're all settling in nicely into our half painted study. Who wants to be painting when there's opp-shopping to be done?!

But thats not all. We also found...

IMG_2166This mirror for our loo.

IMG_2230 This gorgeous vase (the one in the middle). It also wasn't on our list - but I couldn't resist it. Its texture reminded me of Sheoak leaves. You may have noticed I have a thing for vases.


Bedside tables with plenty of storage, yet narrow enough to fit into a tight space. I'm currently looking for antique bone handles to return these to their original beauty.


Storage shelves for by our front door. We're adding bag hooks and a coat rack to this space this weekend.

And last, but by no means least, to entertain Little Eco whilst we dragged her around secondhand shops for most of the day, we welcomed Scarlett into our family. 


I love that all this furniture is solid timber, will last our lifetime, and all up we spent well under $1000. We’d be paying more than that for just the sideboard if we were buying new (or around that if we were buying the sideboard from an antique store rather than at secondhand furniture shop like we did). That reminds me, Julie of Go Greener Australia is asking for hints on buying secondhand. I have a few and will try and share them in the next few days.